Committee Service

Committee Service for the Studio Tour

Committees and Descriptions

Ad Sales
Sell ads for Studio Tour brochure and coordinate ad pages design for brochure with graphic designer. This committee is crucial to making the brochure financially possible.

Brochure Design
Coordinate design of Studio Tour brochure with graphic designer, including receiving artist’s photos, preparing member informationfor brochure and creating layout of map with triangles/numbers.

Brochure Distribution
Coordinate pick up and distribution of brochures state-wide.

To list our current educational activities and their benefits; come up with some ideas how we can improve our effectiveness; set some goals and document what we have accomplished.  Our secondary goal is to raise our visibility as an educational organization to help promote attendance during the tour and other exhibitions.

The Exhibitions Committee conceives, plans, organizes and installs assemblages of Guild artists’ works throughout the year.  The primary activity of the Committee centers on the exhibitions related to The Chatham Studio Tour.  Additionally, the Committee seeks appropriate venues for displays by Guild artists.

Grant writing and awards, tax-deductible sponsorships, and individual donations are within the scope of this committee.

Maintain the brand of the Chatham Artists Guild using Photoshop and Illustrator.  This Committee creates ads, promotional materials and other designs by request from PR, Brochure, and Signs Committee.  (See branding guidelines on Google Drive from 2017.)

Advertise all Guild events and promote through all media opportunities.  This includes both free and paid advertising.  Maintaining social media presence (Facebook, NextDoor, Instagram), email blasts, press releases, new Artist interviews, local print, radio and digital advertising are within the scope of this committee.

Planning and executing food, beverage and music for receptions and other CAG events.

Maintain and distribute numbered triangles, arrange for billboard, banners and sandwich board signs.