Image Tips for Contributing Artists

Image Tips for Contributing Artists:

The Chatham Artists Guild believes that the quality of the presentation of art work is as important as the quality of the art work. The Guild requires that the images supplied by applicants be professional quality and conform to certain specifications.  Professionally taken images are encouraged but not required.

Image files must be either JPEG or TIFF. The resolution should be at least 1200×1800 (or 4 x 6” at 300 dpi). Images submitted will be used for jurying, print media (brochure and advertisements) and digital media (web site).

Here are some tips for making digital images:

•    Make the background very plain and not recognizable. The image should be of the art work alone.

•    Fill as much of the frame as possible with the piece of art work while making sure none of the piece is cut off. If necessary, crop unwanted areas of the picture with image software on your computer.

•    Shoot extra pictures of the art work in case the first image is not good.

•    Bracket your exposure to ensure the proper one.

•    Check the exposure and focus of your image files by zooming with the image software on your computer. Do not submit out of focus pictures.

•    A 4-megapixel digital camera or higher is recommended.

If you are unsure how to do shoot professional quality images of your artwork, the Guild recommends that you contact a professional photographer.