Andrew Wilson

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    Wood and Jewelry
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    276 Mockernut Rd., Pittsboro, NC 27312
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    radiantEarth Art

I have always been compelled to create. It gives me energy to create objects for aesthetic and functional use. I enjoy using my hands to transform materials, and to be a witness to the process of refining art. While I have always been attracted to the inherent beauty of wood and the many ways it can be manipulated, I have developed myself as an artist by exploring various mediums. Over ten years ago I discovered the practice of photography, which invited me to explore the natural world in detail, and continues to train my artistic eye, sense of composition, and appreciation of natural forms. In 2012, I created a spiral earring for my future wife out of unique fungus-stained wood. It was only a single earring, and it became a symbol of strength and confidence for her, as well as a conversation starter. I then became interested in sharing this with others, and now, I continue to design unique earrings that catch the eye and catalyze compliments.
I like to frame my earrings by burning the wood, creating a contrasting texture. I have taken my burning theme to a new level with the use of a Lichtenberg figure wood burner, a device that passes high-voltage electricity through the wood, creating branching, tree-like patterns as the electricity searches for the most conductive path. I have developed techniques to control this unpredictable process in order to create specific images, which has motivated me to design larger wall art. I try to incorporate the wood grain into each piece, and adding acrylic paints increases the depth and warmth of the woodburnings. The electricity burns channels in the wood creating relief, resulting in unique pieces of art. I hope to share my appreciation of nature with my viewers, and to add variety to the nature-inspired art already represented by the Guild.


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