Carol Kroll

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    Sculpture, Mixed Media
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    Carol Kroll

The trajectory of my work as a professional mixed media sculptor was through gardening. My work literally and figuratively began as a seed. In 2006, following a nearly three decade long career as a textile designer, I moved to rural NC where I planted a large garden. Serendipitously, I sowed the seeds that would guide my artistic voice.
A deeply felt connection to the natural world compels me to create art using a material of nature: the humble, yet dynamic gourd. My creative process is an intimate journey with nature that spans many seasons; from planting to harvest and a year long curing process, to conceptualizing and putting pencil to gourd, to making the first cut and finally to sealing the finished sculpted, carved and painted  piece with a protective coating.
Living in nature, I find inspiration all around me. I am fascinated by natures’ recurrent fractal patterns; the repetition of color, texture and form, from the micro to the macro. I see this as a reflection of our inherent interconnection with all of life. My work celebrates the beauty and wonder of natures’ design and honors her resilience as well as her fragility.

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