Cathylee Mahin

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    919 537 8465
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    89 Serenity Hill Circle,Chapel Hill, NC 27516
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    Critters & Colors
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In my paintings I combine two different elements. I create rich vibrant colors by using many layers of watercolor. I also include finely detailed drawings, such as the intricate pattern of a bee’s wing or the individual hairs on a rabbit. After experimenting with various watercolor papers, I discovered Aquabord. Aquabord provides the perfect foundation for my paintings. It can sustain layers of color and water without buckling or curling as well as providing a smooth surface for detailed work.

My paintings are done without a preliminary drawing. I start with a “critter” in mind and let my imagination run. This has led to the name of my studio, Critters & Colors. My paintings are realistic but certainly not the usual, imagine a turtle with a ladder, a rhino on a disco floor, or a bluebird on a piano keyboard. I have reproduced my paintings on fabric and I am currently exploring new avenues for my work, such as interior decoration and fashion.

I moved from New York to Chatham County five years ago.I have always had an interest in art and I am currently enrolled in the UNC Certificate of Botanical Art program.

Everyday I wake up thinking “where will my imagination take me today” and I am always surprised. Imagination is everything – use it.

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