Craig Greiner

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    816 Bynum Rd, Pittsboro, NC 27312
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    Greiner Studio

In today’s culture of digital photography, smart phones and digital media, people have never been more inundated with imagery. Everyone has the ability to capture a moment, a memory, a scene, with the click of a shutter. Photographs can be edited, “tweaked”, filtered and “enhanced” more easily than ever and the “art of photography” has become just “photography”. However, once in a while an image comes across that draws you in, forces you to contemplate, and invites you to feel the moment; to question where it came from, what happened next, or what it all means to you, personally. In that moment, the “art of photography” still lives strong, and in that spirit I hope to draw you in.
Let a pair of tattered shoes hanging from a telephone wire take you back to a childhood summer and a moment of celebration – or maybe rebellion. Imagine yourself in a far away world as you get lost in the eyes of a wild animal and it stalks you as if it will leap from the photo before you. Maybe these images will help you reminisce, or maybe they make you wonder, but either way if they make you stop…think…feel…if you connect, then I have succeeded in my goal as a not just a photographer, but an artist.
Self taught after receiving a partial arts scholarship to the University of Pittsburgh, I have continued to hone my skills and pursue my passion for photography. I feel that in my work, I can bring a new perspective and a new range of enticing images to the Chatham Artists Guild, and through my work I can entice others to feel the moment.


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