Gregory A Wandless

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    1244 Cedar Grove Road
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    Wandless Crafts

I have been working with wood for most of life and I must thank my father for setting me on this course. I am a “journey person”, so for me the crafting of the piece, whether it be a piece of furniture, a functional bowl or a piece of wood art is most fulfilling. Creating a work of art or a functional object from a piece of wood that was destined for the fireplace or landfill is very rewarding. Wood is a very sensory material. The aromas that evolve from wood as it’s cut are so varied and inspiring, the touch of my hand across a newly hand planed surface or finished turning is something very enjoyable. Wood is living thing, it’s constantly moving, and the ways it can change and distort a turned object is always an enjoyable surprise.

The interaction between a person and the final piece is very important to me. To watch a person pick up a piece of mine, hold it in their hands, rub it, caress it, sniff it and smile is very gratifying. This why you never see the sign “Do not touch” on any of my displays!

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