Hamish Jackson

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    120 Polks Landing Rd., Chapel Hill, NC 27516
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    Hamish Jackson Pottery

I am a potter, originally from England, and I have lived in Chapel Hill for the past four years. In April I will be finishing a four year apprenticeship under Mark Hewitt in Pittsboro. During that time, I have become well acquainted with the Studio Tour and I would love to be a part of it now. I have a home studio where I make work, and I have had several home sales. I enjoy entertaining and have learnt how to put on a nice spread for visitors!

I make functional wood fired pottery from all local materials. I make my own clay; it is a blend of four different North Carolina clays. I minimally sieve these clays to keep a lot of coarse particles in the body and retain the natural feel of the materials. I also use a local granite as the base of my glazes. It is important to me to make pottery of this place. North Carolina has such wonderful clay; it is a pleasure to turn it into functional items for people to use.


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