Heather Gerni

  • Media:
    painting , mixed media
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    124 Ruby Red Moncure, NC 27599
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    Heather Gerni Art

Heather Gerni creates her vibrant and often whimsical paintings and mixed media work through Intuitive Painting, a process that allows each piece of work to naturally unfold and reveal itself to the artist. With Intuitive Painting, less importance is placed on the finished piece. The artist focuses more on an authentic creative process that resonates with him or her. “The most important thing to me as an artist is to stay true to myself. I do this by embracing vulnerability, trusting myself, and eliminating all external factors and considerations when I’m painting.” This inspiring way of creating art encouraged Heather to begin teaching Intuitive Painting several years ago. She hopes to help and inspire others to find their own artistic voice, passion and confidence through creative exploration and self discovery. She currently teaches classes and workshops at The ArtsCenter in Carrboro and paints in her small studio in her home in Pittsboro.


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