Judith Smith

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    2698 Hanks Chapel Road (Tour Only), Pittsboro NC 27312
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    JRADS studio

I sometimes think that european oil painting was invented in the 15th century in order to make me happy now. In particular I love painting about people. The portrait form allows me to continue my fascination with the art and craft of oil media while I engage with my sitter whether it be friend,family member or just anyone. We are having a visit together even if the sitter might be distant. Every day I can paint is a good day for me.
I am currently investigating the painted portrait format as a time lapse in diptych format i.e. two images of the sitter framed together with changes in expression, lighting, or movement between the panels. This allows a dynamic feeling to occur as the eye moves from one image to the other. Time passes in the reality of looking and in the physical images on the canvases. New facets of the sitters character can be observed. Francis Bacon has been an influence for me with this concept.


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