Leslie Palmer

  • Media:
    Drawing, Watercolor & Mixed Media Painting
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    110 Creekwood, Pittsboro, NC 27312
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    Leslie Palmer Fine Art

I delight in the creative process. It gives me energy, frees my spirit. My role as an artist is to nurture the creative space within me. I invite viewers to explore my paintings, let their spirit dance or rest in my world of imagery, colors, and mood. In my subjects, I search to capture the beauty and the mundane in the belief that G-d travels incognito. I find is drama in layered color, understated texture, and subtle brush movements. This visual poetry speaks directly in the language of the soul, emotions…of intuition. My desire is to encourage reflection, quiet contemplation- a respite from life’s chatter.
I am a returning artist and past CAG President. I led our effort to become a 501(c3); started and curated the Carolina Brewery Exhibits for many years. I hope to have the opportunity to support the Guild in the future. I was juried in on my graphite drawings and watercolor paintings. My primary media now is layered (glazed) watercolors but continue to do drawings as the mood strikes.

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