Linda Collura

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    Drawing, Painting
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    366 West Salisbury Street, Pittsboro, NC 27312
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I like to discover images in nature, particularly those that capture moments of intense texture, light, shadow, and reflection, and then allow the images to connect through drawings that, when combined, create humor, personification, or just plain whimsy. I use colored pencil, watercolor, gouache, acrylics, ink and a combination of each to create color that dramatizes areas of extreme light and capture images that coexist to create an imaginary world where shapes form pattern, color, texture and movement.
The journey is to create drawings and paintings that begin as individual pieces then let the images communicate connections to help define relationships and establish perspective. My goal is to take the viewer away on a whimsical journey into a dream filled with color and light and create an image that is beautiful to look at. I have been working with different media for the past forty years with experience in clay, sculpture, mixed media, digital, drawing and painting. Drawing and painting is my base. The place I call home.
I am currently a full time middle school art teacher living and working in Pittsboro, North Carolina. I have worked as a custom wall designer to create murals, faux finishes, venetian plaster and many other custom painting techniques. I have a Bachelor in Fine Art from New York State College of Art and Design at Alfred University and a Master in Art Education from East Carolina University. Joining the guild will provide exposure, motivation, and experience to create more artwork in different ways as I now have the time to create and experiment with drawings and paintings.

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