Trish Welsh

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    Functional Stoneware pottery for table, home and garden
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    355 Miles Branch Road. Pittsboro NC 27312
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    Fiddlehead Pottery

— Making pots started for me as a way to relax from the stresses of my work as a clinical social worker.  Because the process required both my physical and mental energy, I was able to focus on learning to throw without the distraction of work.  Eventually, I traded psychotherapy for pottery and began taking classes, first at Claymakers studio and then enrolling full time as a curriculum student in the pottery and sculpture program at Central Carolina Community College.

My interest has been primarily in making functional ware and fits well with my love for food and cooking.  I want the pots to work well and look beautiful with the food on the table.  I am inspired by the textures and patterns found in my daily life, like sand on the beach, bark on the trees, and ferns uncurling in the Spring.

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