About the Guild

Welcome, and thank you for your interest
in the Chatham Artists Guild!

The Chatham Artists Guild (CAG) is an organization of artists whose purpose is to maintain artistic excellence among our members.  Our mission is to:
•    raise awareness and appreciation for the visual arts (including the cultural and economic contribution it makes to the community,
•    connect our artists and art patrons, and
•    educate the community, and cultivating new patrons, regarding the arts.

In 2017, The Chatham Artists Guild will celebrate 25 years of bringing Art to the people of North Carolina. The Guild has many activities, the annual Studio Tour being our signature event.  It is one of the oldest in the State, a prototype for other area studio tours, and a highly respected art venue.
Membership is for visual artists 18 and older. Learn more about becoming a member.


The Chatham County Open Studio Tour was founded in 1992 under the direction of Cathy Holt, with the goal of promoting artists living in the county. The Studio Tour was one of the many programs of the Chatham County Arts Council (CCAC, also known as Chatham Arts).  Although the Tour was a program of CCAC, it was always funded by the artists through subscriptions and sponsors. Several years after its founding, the Tour became more independent by forming its own Steering Committee and considering the course it would take. In 2005, the artists decided to form their own Guild so that could continue their works with other foundations and non-profits, as well as seek grants to help sustain the Guild. The Guild was awarded its 501(c)3 status in 2007.

Chatham Artists Guild is designated as a 501c3 Non-Profit organization.